Samarella's Journal


  • O Sam this really did bring tears to my eyes. I am so happy you have found peace through such a ruff journey. I know your precious Trinity has to be smiling down on you tonight as her mommy see's things in a new beautiful light. No longer through rose colored glasses but in a new clear way that is neither half full or naïve. So many hugs dear friend!!! You have helped me through so much I don't have the words to explain or thank you for fully. Through my loss of Naul & through trying to conceive Cesaro as well as through my crazy pregnancy so far you have been my rock & I love you dearly for every late night phone call or txt & esp how you supported me here before we really knew each other. Your impact on people I know has had a profound part on many lives. I only hope to be of some help to others as you are & continue to be:) You inspire me truly!!!

    Love & Hugs, Naul's mom

  • Samantha,

    I am so happy to hear that you have reached this stage. I recently re-visited this same topic to see where I fit. I found myself in a similar boat. We are all bonded so strongly and I believe our sweet angels have brought us all together. None of us would be where we are with out each other. You included. I love you so much. Big hug.


  • This is so beautiful and inspiring.  Thank you for sharing this!  I am so glad you have found yourself at this stage. I never really focused on the stages in my own grief but I think there is an importance in doing so and I really loved reading about the acceptance stage.