Samarella's Journal

ADHD-1,000 Jadon-0

  • I can totally relate to this fully as you know. Though Matt has been suicidal at one point. Not sure if I had ever shared that with you. He went through a period where he started down the road of a cutter. & the bullying even at his age was just so out of hand he couldn't cope. I so hope this new place helps you more. Remember I am always here if you need me I am only a call away:) I know you may think your parenting wasn't so great at times but kids do not come with hand books. We do the best we can & pray we did it right. Your an amazing mom!!!!! Don't you forget that Sam!! I know this for a fact. I love you girl!!! Nauls mom

  • HUGS to you Sam. Mommy Guilt is the worst. Know that you are doing the best you can for him and trying to get him the help he needs. You are a great mom.


  • Hugs!!  Mommies guilt themselves all the time whether they're doing everything right or not.  It sounds like you're doing everything possible for him to help him.  You're an amazing mom and advocate to all of your little ones!