Samarella's Journal

ADHD struggle

  • Sam,

    I am still over the moon that Jadon is finally going to get the help that he needs and deserves. I think this will open up so many doors for him as well as ease some of the daily struggles you have been dealing with. You are such a strong and amazing mom.



  • Oh Samantha! Finally I am glad that Jadon is getting what he needs and requires, but so sad that school /teachers pay attention when things have not got so good as they should, and I know how stressful  and the battles Jadon had to struggle to be able to be in "level" . It is so frustrating, to get the help as a final measure, when things could have gone in a better term if they have provided that helping the first place, it is not charity, or giving things or grades for granted! it also rages me that they don't get it. Hope the new medicine and the 504 plan works for him, and finally you and he can get the peace and rewards  of a happy school year without struggles.

    many hugs