Samarella's Journal

AHHHHH!! [2]

  • Oh my---you have been busy!!  I'm glad that you can get another unit to live in since the asthma issues could be big problems!!  

    I'm glad that you're still able to come to Shareunion!!  This will definately make you feel better!!


  • It's so great that you are so determined to come to Share Union.  I can't wait to go either, and I know it will be worth every dime to get to meet all of you :)

    Good luck with your move and congrats to Jadon on his Terrific Kid must be very proud!



  • Kids say the funniest things- that's too cute!

    I'm so glad your husband is doing great :) - and hope you are holding things together.  It sounds like your life has been pretty crazy lately- i think the SU is exactly what you need right now.

    Thanks for the updates


  • I really need to get back to a SU.  The year we went was AWESOME!  I'm glad to hear your husband is doing well and that Jadon received an award.  That is great!

    Hang in there :)