Samarella's Journal

All Iwant for Christmas

  • What a beautiful blog.  I'm glad you are feeling better but know that these weeks are tough on you and so many other Share-ites.

    Love to you!


  • All seem like quite reasonable requests to me!  Get workin' Santa!!

    I share your deep sadness.  No matter how good the surface gets a part of me knows it's always going to be there.  How could it not?  Perhaps it can serve good.  Instead of bringing us down with it, it can be that little reminder to appreciate each moment and each day that much more.

    My thoughts are with you,


  • dear samantha...your post brought tears!...this year that has been the easiest question to answer...All i want for christmas is my lil angel back in my arms!..i too wish all us mums of angels could have that as our gift this year....i know that is all any of us want...thankyou for mentioning me and my angels in your post....(my baby sister died due to a hole in her heart) are amazing xxx hugs xxx

  • Christmas wishes are not like they use to be are they??  Holland is a unique place to be isn't it?

    Merry Christmas to you!


  • What a beautiful blog Samantha!  I am glad you are feeling better!  You are just too sweet for words.  I swear you and Page would melt in the rain!  Thank you so much for checking on me.  You dont know what that meant to me.  

    Love you to pieces!