Samarella's Journal

Another blog post today...

  • Right there with you mama- oh to go back just for a moment!  I can't believe how fast these 2 years have gone.  I too find myself looking through baby pictures with a very big lump in my throat.

    Your boys are so adorable- and are growing up way too fast!!



  • I remember going through this after Tucker was born.  Even though I knew I didn't want more babies (we always said three), and I was getting older (38), and I knew the odds were good that next time we wouldn't be so lucky (steDy increase in premature birth), I still mourned.  I can't really explain it even now, but I will say that I had to allow myself time to grieve.  Take your time, snuggle often, and know that it is ok.  Hugs and prayers...


  • I love the pictures of your boys. One day, I'm going to bring Charlie down to terrorize them. :)

    Go scoop him up while you can... there is always time for him to be a big boy... only so long to be a mama's boy.

    Much love to you