Samarella's Journal

Another day of Breathing treatments

  • I wish I could get rid of those stupid nebulizers! I am so over them!!!


  • Oh Samantha, I'm so sorry that Jadon is sick.  It's so hard to watch your child suffer, when they're tiny and when they're five or even fifteen, it's just so hard to know they're hurting and you can't kiss it better.

    I'm thinking of you and your sweet boy as you play hookie today.


  • Oh gosh, I'm so sorry that Jadon is sick.  Enjoy your day together even if it's for the wrong reasons.


  • Oh, Sweetheart.  I've been thinking about you so much... Prayers that Jadon is better soon.  It has to be so frustrating for you both.



  • Oh no!  I'm so sorry that he's having to do this again...  I'm sure it is frustrating for him.  Hopefully this round will lick it and he'll be better soon.  I wish I'd known ya'll were playing "hookie" today---I would've loved to join you! (well long distance anyway)


  • know you are in my thoughts each and and hugs...chantelle xx