Samarella's Journal

Another Sleepless Night

  • Sweetie, the missing your angel part is never going to go away.  We just learn to cope with a *new norm* in our lives.   You keep taking those tiny steps, there is no rushing our grief.  

    I still struggle on a daily basis to get through each day.  It's going to get better, I promise.

    I am sorry that right now you are having a difficult time and that will come in waves.  You will have a good day, a good week, a good month and then the emotions will all come rushing back.  Only time can help you mend, and even then you will never completely.  

    But look at how far you *have* come!!  You have been handed lifes most difficult event.  The death of your child.  Take it one day at a time, you are going to get through this, and I will be here to walk with you.  ((HUGS))

    Keeping you in my thoughts


  • My heart breaks for you. I can imagine the longing you feel for your child. I am so sorry you lost your precious girl and I pray that with time you will find some healing in your heart.