Samarella's Journal

anpther quick update!

  • Woohoo on pics for me!!!!

    He's adorable and big brother seems to already be amazed at his tiny counterpart!!!  I hope that all is well and that Jaxson will continue to gain strength and eat like a champ!  Since he's here a bit early---does that mean you can come to SU??  

    Just kidding!!!  I know you would if you could!

    Hugs!  Looking forward to more updates soon....


  • Lol... and me too!  ;)  Tracy and I being the only non facebookers- Thanks Sam!!

    Adorable!!!  And go momma bear!! Love that Jaden already got to meet his lil' bro!!!

  • I love the pictures! Sam you are such a great mom. I'm glad you listen to yourself and not the dumb doctor. I love the picture of you holding Jaxson so sweet! HUGS


  • Congratulations!  Jaxson is beautiful!  I'm glad he is doing well.  Good job listening to your excellent mommy instincts!


  • Congratulations on your beautiful new son and on standing up for him and yourself to the doctor. I love the look on Jadon's face. Hoping that Jaxson continues to do well and that he will be home with you soon!

    Love to you all,


  • Thank you Sam.  I am a non-FBer:)  Baby Jaxson is adorable!!!  You go girl for listening to your mommy instincts.  The pics of Daddy, big bro, and little bro are just priceless.  I know you're exhausted, but you look so calm and so in love with that little resting head.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and may you all come home together very soon.


  • I love him already! The picture of Jadon with him is precious! Way to go on the momma instincts!



  • Oh Sam, he's beautiful!  I'm so glad for your instincts and for good medical care even if you had to demand it.

    Welcome to the world, Jaxson!!


  • Congratulations! He looks wonderful and it looks like big brother is taking right to his role.


  • I thought I was the only one not on facebook!

    Sam...he is amazing!  I'm so thankful that you listened to yourself and your body and knew that something was happening.

    I hope you both continue to grow and bond and just enjoy each other!  What amazing pictures!