Samarella's Journal

August is fast approaching

  • I know the dread you speak of, i feel like i'm on a conveyor belt set on high speed and nothing i do will stop me from moving....kicking and screaming, i'm still fast approaching Liam's birth and death.

    Liam was born 7-26 and died 8-14....i'll be thinking of you as week approach these dreaded days ahead.


  • Time needs to have a pause button so we can gather ourselves before these big days.  I so wish your little Trinity was still here with you.  Many hugs to you.


  • know I just muddled through June so I'm totally here for during August!!  I know you celebrate bittersweet birthdays for a different reason than me, but still bittersweet all the same.

    Can't wait to see you in October for the much needed hug!!


  • I wish there were words to take the pain away. Thinking of you...


  • Oh Samantha...I'm just so sorry.  I'm sorry that you're not planning that pirates and princesses party, that Trinity isn't pestering you as to whether or not today is the day she gets to go to big girl school, that she's not following Jadon around annoying him one minute and making him laught the next.  It's so unfair.

    I'm just so sorry.

    Thinking of you my friend,