Samarella's Journal

Baby Jamison My beautiful Rainbow Nephew

  • He is absolutely gorgeous! How wonderful that you were able to be there for her and support her during such an emotional journey! I'm thrilled she got her rainbow baby! He's precious. :)



  • Aw, congratulations!  He's beautiful! I'm so happy for your brother and your sister-in-law and your whole family. I am sure your being there was a huge support for your sister-in-law.  


  • Hi sweet Jamison, happy birthday and welcome to the world!  It's a wonderful thing that you were able to be there for her for her new son's special birth.  Beautiful boy!


  • What a beautiful boy!  I'm so glad that you're able to be there for your SIL in a way that no one else really can... I just wish neither of you had a reason to know that pain.  

    Blessings, Baby Jamison!



  • Happy Birthday Jamison! He's adorable!!!  Really nice of you to be there for your SIL.  Say, did she call dibs on Jaxson's hand-me-downs?  Sorry Sam, I'm Spring cleaning over here and I have organization on the brain:)

    Welcome to the world Jamison!


  • No Lindsay, she had saved everything from her first son.  She had everything she needed!

  • Awe - welcome sweet Jamison.  I'm so sorry to hear about your SIL's loss of her baby Lincoln. How wonderful that you both have eachother.  Being with another angel momma is a powerful thing.  I'm sure it comforted her to have you there during Jamison's birth.

    He is adorable!