Samarella's Journal

baby shower

  • Sam, I'm so sorry that some of your closest aren't able to attend (for whatever reason).  Try and enjoy the day with the people who are present.  This is huge and don't let others spoil this special day.  You're so strong and amazing!



  • Sorry momma... for whatever it's worth, here's my reframe.. perhaps the people who will be attending are the most important people... and like Lindsay said, you're in control of how much fun you have on that day- not other people.  Your choice to let them bring you down or to shine brighter than them.

    Hugs momma,


  • I'm having to agree....those who are most important will be there regardless.  Those who won't don't need to be worried over.  I'd totally be there if it wasn't forever away!!!  :  )



  • I agree with all that has been said, important people are the ones that come, the other ones don't count, and sometimes somethings come along the way and probably is not because of you so don't take it to close to the heart, be happy, enjoy your day, many of us didn't have it, so you are so lucky, and as Tracy said don't be upset if I don't come,  (I live so far away) but many of us will be there with you by our heart...



    P.S. sorry about the bed rest, but take it easy,