Samarella's Journal

Bad day!

  • I'm just a great actress.....that's all!  I have bad days too and I call them my "Taylor Days".  It's the days that I just allow myself to cry and miss her.  Usually that helps me not to feel like I'm completely dying under the pressure and I can get through a few more days before another Taylor Day approaches.  I'm sure the EDD has a bit to do with it....those times are always hard.


  • Oh... I handle very little with grace.. I can handle it *because* of GRACE, and that's about all.  I put on my game face as often as I can, and when I can't... I don't.  Things move along without me (or at least the heart of me) for awhile-- then I catch up... and so it goes.   If there's one thing I've learned from all these wonderful Share-ers it's that "those" days are okay, and I'll never go through one of them without knowing that others *do* understand.

    Love and Hugs,


  • We all have our good days and bad days.  We all suddenly are overcome with the flood of emotions that we often hide behind our happy mask.  After two years of battle sickness I can just say I have been feeling like I am healing but out of nowhere the tears can come.  It is part of healing.  You are healing from a lose that is greater then most will ever understand.  It is okay to Cry and not want to leave the house some days.  Those days help you have your good days.  I used to count how many days I had gone without crying.  Eventually I didn't have to count anymore...I was having more good days then bad.

    Thinking of you,


  • Please know that no mater what  Iam here to walk woth you & share is here alwys... I feel like that sometimes I miss Alex & I wonder why.

    I hope yuu lnow that youare in my thoughts. She will forever be in your heart..& she loves you as much. Please take care & keep posting.


    My Vanilla Puddin' Alexander