Samarella's Journal

Best Decisions?!?!

  • Samantha,

    I like that quote very  much- how true.  I wish you all the peaceful moments possible.  Having known you as a mommy to all three of your children, not for a moment do I think anything you did or didn't do let her down.  Your decisions are grounded in the deepest love possible.


  • I can't think of a decision anymore selfless and loving.  I'm thinking of you and hope you find peace.

  • Sam, we make the best decisions we are able to make in the moment with the information we have. I can only imagine how hard that decision was for you and your husband -- and one that no parent should ever have to make. Many hugs to you.


  • Sending so much love. I can't imagine having to make that decision, but I'm sure you made the right one from a place of selfless love that mothers know best.


  • Your right no parent should have to make those decisions.  I remember telling a doctor 3 years ago as I was walking out the same thing giving that DNR order.   Yet I still ended up having to make even harder decisions a few days later.  I too still have those days were I wonder was it the right thing...many hugs to you.  Nicki