Samarella's Journal

Big step and baby kicks

  • Glad you were able to get some peace today at your doctor office. The crib looks really nice I like it. So happy to hear that you have been feeling him moving. Hope the migraines stay away and your arm feels better. HUGS


  • Love the new crib!!  Love friends who pay off things too!!  LOL!!!

    I'm glad that the dr. and nurse were caring for your needs and were able to help you to feel much better at the end of the visit.



  • Glad you are feeling better! The crib looks great!


  • Sam, the crib looks really nice:)  Yay, for those great friends too!  I'm so happy to know that you are feeling those kicks and have an understanding OB's office.  


  • What a great crib, and I LOVE the bedding!  I'm so glad you get to feel all those kicks.  I'm just sooo excited for you all the way around.  

    Love ya, Girlie!


  • I am so glad the nurse was so understanding and ease your mind.......and that all is fine..... Great crib, what a marvelous friend to help you with that..... Enjoy every second of your pregnancy, specially the kicking.....