Samarella's Journal

Bittersweet August

  • What a beautiful letter to Jadon.  He may never read that letter but he feels your love.  He knows, in his heart, how important he is to you, to your family, to his brother and yes, even to his sister.  You've given him that, that love, that honor.

    I hope his birthday is amazing and that August is kind to you,


  • So many hugs.  I know i have the same thing with June.  i always wonder why, why right atound my other kids birthday.  If i could i would fly to florida and give you a great big hug.  Nicki

  • Beautifully written, Sam. He knows your love for him and his siblings. And I love that he's such a great big brother to his little! Can't believe he'll be 11 already.

    I understand the roiling emotions as those dates grow near. Some how, some way, we always get through them. Many hugs to you.


  • Oh Sam, this is so sweet:) Our older children's lives were turned upside down. They've been on this same journey with us and witnessed so much. Their capacity to love at the toughest of times amazes me. Jadon loves his family very much and I'm sure he knows just how big of a role he plays to both his siblings. I can't believe he'll be 11 already! It's going by too fast! I know this is an emotionally filled month for you and I'll be thinking of you as you approach their birthdays.



  • Sending you lots of hugs and love this month. I wish I could be a little closer.

  • Sending you lots and lots of hugs. The letter to Jadon was beautiful. ♡ I am the same way about September.


  • This is beautiful Samantha.  Wishing Jadon a very happy birthday.  I'm right here beside you this month, making our way through the bitter sweet moments, grieving for our sweet girls while trying to enjoy celebrating our amazing boys!  

    So many hugs to  you!


  • I share your pain!  The letters we write to our little ones are so special.  When I was pregnant with JJ I kept a journal and I would write to him.  Recently I read that journal, the day he was born and what I wanted to say to him that day.   I was a new mom and my love for him was overwhelming.  I didn't imagine loving him more.   But I do.   It's the same way with grief.  We can't imagine getting thru it, but we do.   August holds a lot for you.   I want to encourage you to focus on how much Trinity has brought to your life.  I know it's hard but I'm so grateful that she gave me you!   Enjoy everything you can in the days to come because no matter how difficult, soon these days will be a blip in the rearview mirror.

  • Yes, August has gotten here way too fast!!!  I can't believe he's going to be 11!!!!  As for faking it through for the joy of one child.....I get it!!  HUGS!!!!  Those moments are super tough, but you're going a great job at sharing your love with all of your kiddos even when it's a little harder to do so with a smile.  



  • I will be sending extra thoughts your way this month.  Such beautiful love filled words for all three of your children.

    With love,


  • That is such a beautiful letter to Jadon. Sounds like a lot of changes coming up in August, thinking of you!