Samarella's Journal

Blog Challenge: Navigating the Holidays

  • Thank you so much for this.  For reminding us that we're not alone as we navigate these days of joy and sorrow all rolled into one.  Your strength and love for your children is inspiring.

    So much love to you,


  • so right when you say to be gentle with ourselves.  It can be so easy to try and be that "perfect" mom and try do it all while keeping all our emotions inside.  It's okay for us to be sad and wistful for what could have been. Hugs.  Nicki

  • Thank you for sharing this with us Samantha. This time of year is difficult in so many ways. The should have beens are so hard for me too. I can't walk by a store window and not long to dress up my sweet girl in one of those adorable holiday dresses. Allowing for emotional time outs is a great suggestion.  



  • I agree, navigating the holidays adds another difficult layer with thinking of our angels. For me Christmas is always going to be tough as we lost Sean 1 week before Christmas.  There is so much sorrow in my heart around this time of the year. It is great that you are allowing yourself extra time, often schedules can get so crammed full, we need to step back and allow some extra time if needed. Great pictures, looks like you guys have been having some good times!