Samarella's Journal

Change not so bad!!!

  • I totally understand how time can stand still after the death of a child and yet time passes so quickly.  Hugs to you as those days approach!

    As for your friend and Jadon's moving back---WOOHOO!!!!  That's great news for you both!!  Love it that little man is getting his first tooth.  I can't believe it's time for that already.  ( Insert emoticon with the mouth wide open)  

    I'm ready for SU myself and getting to see everyone again!!  How many days?????

  • think we are at like 86 days LOL  I think we will have to ask Laura!!!


  • Yay!  Glad that you're settling into the new Share now!  Definitely lots to love here.  Wow, awesome that your friend is moving back in the area, I know you're going to be loving that!!

    Huge hugs to you as you start the path towards all of the anniversaries to the ultimate goodbye to sweet Trinity.  I don't know how time has passed by so quickly after it just dragged on in the very beginning.  

    Thinking of you!


  • I couldn't agree more about the new site! It really is a very nice new home for all of us. I do wish that we had a giant SU counter somewhere though (hint hint)! A few months ago I asked about it and someone said that Sam is in charge of counting down. Not sure if you were notified of your new duties but now you are. Start the countdown!!



  • I'm getting my count down from Laura...  sure she has it on spread sheet somewhere.  I think it 73 days this!