Samarella's Journal

Crazy few weeks

  • I'm glad it all worked out with the city council :)

    I've been thinking about you said, about deciding whether to try for another baby. I wanted to let you know that it was one of the scariest and best decisions I ever made. I waited 7 years after Seth's early arrival. I had a lot of anxiety, I won't pretend that I wasn't a nervous wreck.

    Find the doctors you want. Ask them aillion questions. Make sure you have the team that is going to be there for you then...go for it girl! You deserve happiness. You're an awesome mom, an awesome wife, an awesome friend!

    If you ever need anything, or have questions, or need to just vent or cry, you have my number :)

    I pray that everything falls into place just as it should and that you may have everything that your heart desires so much 3

    hugs, Jenn

  • Samantha

    I'm glad things are working out with your job...those people are lucky to have you on their side!  ;)

    I'm also really glad you have Yolonda, she is a pretty amazing person....

    You've been thru so much, take the time you need and like Jenn said...find the right drs and we'll be there for you every step of the way.



  • Hey Samantha.  You know I am super excited about the result of the meeting although it ran waaaay longer than yall expected.

    Samantha, seriously, I feel like i have known you my entire life!  You are so very wise beyond your years its almost scary.  I wish we lived closer too, it would make things alot easier.  Plus I would be able to develop a relationship with Jadon.  He sound so adorable whenever I hear him in the background.  Just music to my ears :-)

    I thought of Chantelle yesterday too, I didnt get a chance to send her note, but i am going to pop over to fb in a bit and write her a little something.

    Samantha, I want you to know you and your friendship are very special to me.  You validate so many aspects of my feelings and its just good to know that even 3 years later I will still have my days and some may even feel like it all was yestereday and its okay to cry like it is.  There is nothing like having someone who gets it.  Thank you.

    I am glad you have a friend in the "normal" world that gets it.

    Love you to bits!


  • I am so glad that your job is safe!

    I agree with you, it is so nice to be able to come to a place where people understand. I would be lost without Share.


  • All over the place blogs are what Share is for!  Isn't it an amazing relief when someone "normal" shows that they have a sliver of understanding!?  It's always such an amazing experience.  I'm so thankful your friend was there with all the right words.

    Thinking of you,


    PS- And you go fightin' County Council!!  :D

  • im so glad to hear thingss worked out with the city council...i agree that they are so very lucky to have you on their side.....Thankyou so much for mentioning me in your means so much that i always have your support...and thankyou means so much that me and my Ashley are always in my are always in mine so deserve some happiness Samantha and im so hoping that you get it...i am always here for you no matter what...sending lots of hugs to you....chantelle xxx