Samarella's Journal

day 3 bed rest

  • Oh Samantha, I understand the guilt and know that telling you that none of this is your fault won't do any good but I'm telling you that anyway.  You're doing the VERY best you can for both your boys.  This is just a blip in your life.  Jadon won't even remember this time of bedrest once his little brother comes home.

    Hang in there and know that we're here for you no matter what, whether you're sad, happy, mad, excited, scared.  We love you and those boys (and Trinity!  :-) ) and hope and pray for Jaxson to hang in there just a few more weeks.

    THinking of you,


  • I wish I had guarantees but all I can do is offer an internet hug.  None of this is your fault and you are doing everything you can do.

    Hugs to you!


    PS, just keep playing me in SongPop.  That'll relax you. HHAHAHA

  • Samantha,

    YOu are doing a great job for both of your boys. I know it is hard not to do everything for Jadon but in a few months you'll get to do everything for both of them. YOu are doing wonderfully. Sending prayers and hugs.


  • I'm glad that you at least were able to bring him to school on his first day back and I know you're itching for the day, hopefully in many more weeks, that you'll be able to bring him to school with Jaxson in the backseat too.  Little stinker, bet he's gonna be a stinker once he gets out too!!  Tons of hugs!  Sometimes our bodies are just brats.


  • We know girl.....  Maybe ya'll can have a mommy only time so that you get that one-on-one conversation that you enjoy every day.  I know you miss it...

    Hugs to you as you wait until the next scan!