Samarella's Journal

Days are flying by!!!

  • Oh, Samantha.  I'm glad things are starting to go a *little* better.  One day at a time, sweet girl!   I'm also really glad you were able to make an appointment to get a little extra help.

    Thinking of you ALL the time!



  • So glad to hear. Hang in there, one day at a time...that's how I've been going. Things are so less overwhelming if you don't look too far ahead....everyday, try to find one beautiful thing- the sunset, a flower, a kind little old man. I know  that I have all these goofy suggestions but they really help me to appreciate the moment, the day. Makes me feel better :) I hope it helps you too. Every little beautiful thing u see, it's a gift from an angel reminding you how much that angel loves u 3

  • I am happy to hear that you are feeliing a little better.  Make certain to let me know how Wednesday goes.  Been kinda keeping to myself these days.  Just thinking and reflecting.  Cant seem to shake my funk and tired of fighting it, so I am just going with it for a while.

    I am glad you are feeling better and we will talk soon.

    Love you,


  • Samantha,

    I'm so glad that you're having a few more good days.  I'm sorry that the good still don't outnumber the bad, but I have faith that they will.  They have to, right?  Right!!

    I'm thinking of you.


  • im so glad to hear that you have had a few better days...i have been thinking of for the christmas not doing very well with it either...i just cant find the enthusiasm for it....hugs..chantellexxx

  • Sorry I've been a little posting MIA, but I've been reading your updates each day!

    I'm so proud of the steps you've taken and I KNOW Trinity is so proud of her mommy working so hard.  I just know she is.

    Much love,