Samarella's Journal


  • Ohhh  I wish I could give you a hug! Getting lost is the worst and it seems like children know that now is a really good time to be as difficult as possible. I hope that homework gets better soon. I hear ya on how hard it can be to get them to sit down/focus and/or not melt down. There are nights I swear they spend more time walking back and forth to their room than doing the homework. I hope that it improves.

    Take care,


  • Sam,

    I am so sorry for the week you have had.  I am also so so sorry that our call on Monday was cut short. I feel like I let you down when you clearly needed me. It seems it has been a rough week for everyone. :/ I hope this weekend is the turning point for your crappy week and things calm down. I wish I could come visit with a bottle of wine and a bag of ice for the sink. Lots of hugs to you and I'm sorry if I disappointed you as a friend.

    Love You,


  • Sam, how frustrating! I know, and the noise from the backseat doesn't help especially when you're trying to think and figure out how to get back. I'd be panicky too especially with the store. I hope that you are able to close a door and just breathe for a few interrupted minutes and that you guys have a restful weekend.

    Thinking about you,


  • Aww sis I pray ADHD chill a little bit and give Jadon and his momma a break. It doesn't help on top of it all Jadon is a pre teen. It was so good talking to you the other day. Thank you so much for catching me up.

    Love you


  • Being lost is the worst, I hate it and will panic too!  Why is it children know how to had to your stress instead of just being sweet little kids that listen...Big hug to you.

  • Deeeeep breath!!!!!!!!  

    I'm so sorry that all of this is attacking you!  If I could get there I would definitely help you.  I hope that all will settle down for you soon and that you can take some time for yourself.



  • I'm so sorry it's been a difficult week, Sam.  Hugs to you and hopes that next week is better!!