Samarella's Journal


  • Aww....girl, I'm so sorry that they're not taking the time to remember why this organization is so needed.  It's tough!!!  Hang in there....even if it's just you----it's worth it!!



  • Hugs to you.  I know it is hard when you feel like those important to you don't remember.  I'll be thinking of you on your walk!!



  • Sam, I understand.  We've raised the least amount this year and it's so disappointing.  True, we've been busy with services and so many other things this year, so maybe I didn't put as much effort as in previous years.  I don't know.  Each year, I do at least one fundraiser and as our son's angelversary approaches, I blog and allow myself to cry even more.  Other than you gals and Share folks, the only other kind words I receive is from a group in Colorado.  People I've never met are more kind in honoring our son's memory than "close" family.  It is sad, it does hurt.

  • I don't know what just happened.  Anywho, I'll be thinking of you as you prepare for your walk.



  • I'm sorry that your friends and family have let you down.  We always think of all people, they should understand and it's so hurtful when they don't.  

    I just got paid, so save a shirt for me!! :)

    Love you girlie~ Julie

  • Hugs!!  It's so frustrating when those who you expect to care the most just ignore things.  I wish people would just open up their eyes and start supporting your family!