Samarella's Journal

Emotional Hangover

  • I'm so glad you had such a beautiful day. I know that it couldn't have ended any other way, although I sure wish her birthday could end with her tucked in with a blanket and bear instead of you. Your love for Trinity comes through so strongly, as does your sorrow. You express beautifully how the complicated feelings of being so blessed and love mingle with the never-ending sorrow of loss.

    I saw two single butterflies yesterday, of two different types, and I thought of you. I knew they weren't for me because it was just one at a time, so I could only think of Trinity. Many hugs. Real ones soon!!



  • I like how you described it emotional hangover.  That sums it up...I'm glad you had a special day with your family.  Sometimes you just need to surround yourself with those you love to get through the day.  I know I can't sit a home if I do I would be an emotional mess that is why I always make sure to get out of the house.  I love that Trinity visited.  They always know when we need a visit and come by.  and you had every right to tell that kid not to kick the butterfly.  Even thought it has lots of meaning to you to everyone else it is still a living creature that you aren't cruel too.  I have been thinking about you.  hugs. Nicki

  • Samantha, hugs as you remember and honor Trinity. I love that you had a special family day. I'm sure it was memorable for your boys and niece too. The little visit from that gorgeous butterfly was totally your girl saying hello. Everything you do to make her day special is felt by so many. Love all of the photos:)

    Love and hugs,


  • I hope that today finds you less emotionally hung over. This is a beautiful post and so very perfectly describes how I too feel on Josie's dates. I definitely have tears running down my face thinking about your visit from the beautiful butterfly. It is so amazing when we get those reminders that our little ones are with us, especially on days when we need it the most.

    Love and Hugs