Samarella's Journal

Everyones forgotten!

  • It's not wrong to be upset or hurt.  I would be.  I have learned over the last few years that some people just don't know what to say so they say's not fact it's the exact opposite of what we all really need.  I am so sorry about the day you are having...

    Please know I'm thinking of you, and sending Trinity big heavenly birthday wishes...



  • No, you're not wrong!  It's fine to feel like that b/c she is someone very near and dear to you.  Others are probably not wanting to bring it up for fear of how you'll react.  Some people don't know how to handle situations like ours.  I like the idea of the cards for your sweet girl!  It helps to keep her memory alive!


  • Happy Heavenly Birthday Trinity!

    I am sorry that you are not getting the support from your loved ones today.  It is such an important day in your life.  I think that it is amazing that you are keeping traditions for your little girl.  I hope that it helps you.

    I will be thinking of you today!


  • No, it is not wrong to be hurt right now.

    The year our boys would have turned one, I was surprised and saddened at the few people who remembered and acknowledged them.  My parents did, a few friends did, and the NICU nurses that took care of them did.  But other family members I thought would have...didn't.

    Maybe they didn't want to make me feel sad, maybe they didn't know what to say.  My thought is that any call, email, card, greatly appreciated.

    Please know your daughter will not be forgotten on Share.