Samarella's Journal

Falling apart..

  • I missed your last post.  I am so very sorry for your friend.  How I wish this club could permanently be closed.  I'm so sorry today was difficult... sometimes those days just have to come.

    I am keeping you all in my thoughts today.



  • I thought about the fact that I should be making two baskets too....even after 6 years.  I think that feeling will always be there.  

    Wish I could change all of this for you, but unfortunately all I can do is *listen*.  


    P.S.  Have you checked out the New Normal thread in the Lost a Child folder in Parent to Parent?  Just thought you might like to be a part of that too.

  • Samantha~ I really wish we lived closer! You are in my thoughts every day, and I'm sending u some virtual hugs from California today. 3