Samarella's Journal

Family Photo (with added update)

  • Sam,

    I have come to the harsh realization the the answer to your question is no. It is never going to stop hurting. We are never going to stop wondering what our precious angels would have been like. What it would be like to set an extra place at the table, put one more child to bed, plan around one more busy little schedule. It physically aches and this is our life. I don't even have any words for this because it is what we have been left to deal with for the remainder of our days. Yes I think that we will have many wonderful days with the other precious gifts we have been given whether it be our other children or our supportive spouses or our furry children but we will always have a piece of our hearts missing. A lifetime seems so long to live without then when we are so young but I also couldn't imagine leaving Jerry and the girls either. *big sigh*

    Hugs to you,


    Ps. Love all the pics but I have to say the one of the two boys together is my favorite. :)

  • They're just beautiful Samantha!! And sending hugs...

    Love ya lots


  • I don't think that you thinking of sweet little Trinity will ever go away. I do it to all the time. Love the pictures. HUGS


  • They are so great!!!!  The bunny is a sweet touch too!  I can't believe how much both boys have grown!  So handsome.


  • Beautiful pictures Samantha!  You have a beautiful family and while Trinity was not physically there, I can see in the picture of your two boys that she really was there with them in that moment.


  • Ooh my goodness Samantha, they are SO cute!!!  Oh my gosh, look at those little boys together!  I know it's bittersweet to take the family photo, but I admire your strength is doing so.  I love outdoor Spring photos.  Nice touch:)


  • Beautiful pictures, Sam.  Beautiful family.  I know Trinity spirit was especially there with you during this photo shoot.

    Lots of love!