Samarella's Journal

fear and anxiety

  • Sam, congrats on another week along.  It's unfair that there is so much anxiety and stress when it should be such a happy and blissful time.  I know that I had awkward smiles on my face as well as I wouldn't be happy until baby was safe and sound.  I hope that you do get to experience those textbook delivery moments.  

    Thinking of you,


  • It's so hard to allow yourself to imagine those situations when the past has been challenging.  Stay positive and know that we're praying for healthy happy baby, brother, and parents!!



  • I remember that feeling all to well.  It's so hard to go through a subsequent pregnancy after a loss.  I remember being very obsessive about feeling Lucia move regularly.  I think it's normal to not feel regular movements until at least 20+ weeks, but I know it's hard to wait....especially since you never felt much movement from Trinity (as was my experience w/ Marco).  



  • Sam,

    The anxiety is understandable -- and as the others said ... and I will certaintly attest to ... being pregnant after a loss is a completely different ballgame. It's an obsessive experience --because we know all too well that being pregnant doesn't mean a full 9 months with a healthy baby.

    It took me 30 weeks of my pregnancy with Kaelin before I finally took that deep breath, exhaled and allowed myself to enjoy it. I had to get to a point where I allowed myself to do that -- set a goal of sorts.



  • Hi Sam- one day at a time, that's my mantra.....i completely understand your fear and anxiety though.

    yay for being nearly 18 weeks, such an accomplishment :)