Samarella's Journal

Feeling real...

  • I'm so glad that you were able to have that conversation and have that plan already in place.  That's got to feel good.  Less worry, less stress.  Ouch on the shots, but so worth it.  So excited for you and love to read updates:)


  • I'm glad that it's all working out with work! That can be so frustrating to get the run around or have guilt trips about having to take off... especially working with family.  I'm so happy for you girl!! :D

  • So great to have a plan in place! Sounds like a good one. I love your count down :)

    Keep up the good growing!


  • Love some naps myself!!!  I tell you what....I'll nap in your honor too!!!  :  )

    I'm glad that things are going well and that you have a plan for the coming months.  

    Hugs to you!


  • So happy things are falling into place.  ;-) Nap  away, girlfriend.



  • Hi Samantha-

    so happy to hear everything is going well, and so far along already :)

    the work arrangement sounds nice, and good to have that all sorted now.

    i'm cheering for you!


  • So glad things continue to go well for you w/ this pregnancy :)  I know just how reassuring those kicks are.  They are amazing!  Enjoy every one of them.

    Glad to hear things will work out w/ your work situation as well :)



  • Yeah for her reading your mind about work lol ....that sounds like a pretty good plan.

    I'm loving these kicks. It makdes it so real your right...makes you feel a bit reassured for the moment. Praying hard for the both of us xoxo