Samarella's Journal

First Blog On New SHARE!

  • Oh Love, SYS will always be your safe place. We will always be here. I know that the change is hard, change is always hard after our loss. Especially once we find somewhere we can be who we truly are. Somewhere we can speak about our beautiful angels freely and not be judged and only feel supported. The new and improved site is going to be something that is going to take some time to get adjusted to but in the end you and I and all of the amazing people on here will be able to help more parents in our shoes. More awesome people to love and support one another. Think about it like that. :)



  • I think with time you'll come to love the "new" Share even more than the old share with all the new and cool features we've got on here now!  It is definitely unnerving to see such a big change in it, but I think it'll be for the better.  Hugs!


  • Seriously, I'm not even lying. I texted some people that I hated the new Share. Then I emailed Cara about the resons I was hating Share and she found a bug that is being fixed so I don't have to hate it anymore. Take your time, you don't have to love it right away - I didn't. But now I see that Share is now everything I love and MORE. I added a whole gallery of pictures of my boys!!! New Share is going to be great, once we all get comfortable. Just think of how awesome you would think it was if you had never had the old Share site.

  • Glad I'm not the only one!  I feel like, everyone is loving it and I feel like I am struggling to keep up!  I'm just not to techie!  hopefully I will find my place and keep up,  or I hope I have a techie person on speed dial!

  • It takes time, but I promise it is the site you know and love with a new paint job, new furniture and some new rooms.   Bear with us as we are still in the process of moving furniture to the right places.  That said, you know everyone who worked on the site.   Our main concern was to make it home.  Give it a chance.  Watch Lauren's videos.  I'll also give you a tour if you need it.   You'll see.   It is home.