Samarella's Journal

Five months

  • Samantha,

    I know personally that each anniversary monthly yearly or weekly is like a little stab that reminds us of what we dont have any longer. I still hold on to memories & mometos...& aalthough people tell me *LET IT GO & LIFE GOES does not not the same way anyways. I know how hard it must be....but know that you are *NOT* alone. We are here for you always. You can say anything at anytime.

    I still have a room for Alexander & people may say take it down I cannot Alex's room will always be Alex's room. It has been already 18 moths since Alex passed but the love the missing & the broken heart are still there.

    I wish I could also rewind time for you as If I could & all share mommy's I would...bu t I cant. The only thing I can give you is my friendship & my support. You have the right to cry, to be sad & mad...this is the right place. I guess we will always ask ourselves WHY US??? Hopefully one day we will get our answers. I feel your pain & your love as I am sure that your beautiful sweet angel Samantha loves you & sees you & thinks of you everyday for the good mommy that you are. I still love ale the same as I did ewhen I first saw him. Please come back.



    Alex's Baby's Mommy

    My Vanilla Puddin' Alexander

  • SAmamtha, my apologies I meant to say your sweet angel Trinity. Please forgive me. Thank you,