Samarella's Journal

freak out #1

  • NO, NO, NO, NO! This cannot be happening! I saw the broken heart on FB and came right here to see if it might be this. I will be keeping you close in my thoughts, hoping for a miracle. I wish I could sit with you and hold your hand. Please know that I am with you in spirit, sending you hugs and love.


  • Oh so sorry.... hope those hormone levels go high again......and please try to think positive..... sending big hugs to you......


  • Sam -

    I don't know what to say besides how sorry I am.  I hope they are wrong.  

    Wish I was close enough to send lots and lots of hugs. :(


  • I'm hoping that those levels will go up for you.  We're all holding our breath with you.  

    Sending you love,


  • Please let us know as soon as you can.  Love you!!