Samarella's Journal

Good Day

  • It has to be hard having all of these new babies around you.... you are handling all of this news with great strength... We are all here for you should you need us. Hugs Krystal

  • You are handling this amazingly well.  Truly.  After we lost our son - 2 close friends gave birth.  I went to the hospital to visit them and the babies....and while I did good for the visit - I did NOT do good on the ride home.  It was just too soon for me.  I'm so proud of you -

    You are very strong.

    Take care -


  • WOW, you *have* been busy!!  Sounds like you are doing great!!

    Hang in there!!  :)



  • Your a strong woman and holding up well through all of this.  I hope that you continue to do well.

    Angi "Phoenix's MoM"

  • You seem to be hanling all the baby news well.  I know it can not be easy.  Once again, know that we are here for you!