Samarella's Journal

growth scan

  • Sam-He is beautiful! I am so happy your mom and grandma got to be there!


  • Awesome everyone got to be there.  It's so bittersweet when you see parts of their "bigs" in them... sweet and yet boy does it pull on the heart.

    He looks adorable and I'm so thankful today was a good appointment.


  • Yay for early flights!!  How often does that happen???  Glad your mom and grandma got to be a part of the U/S.  Love the pic!!  What a cutie!!

    Hugs to you as you remember your sweet little ones.


  • So glad that they were able to be a part of the ultrasound!  I know my mom was totally loving being able to see all the ultrasounds with me.  Big hugs on seeing a bit of Trinity in him, so bittersweet I know!


  • So glad that your mom and grams got to share the appt and that it was a good one. Wishing all good things for you and baby :) The 3d is awesome. He's already so cute.


  • The 3d ultrasound is so precious Sam:)  I'm so glad that your family could be a part of that appt.  I know those facial features will remind you of your daughter, but I hope it can be a good thing.



  • Congratulations! that is so nice that all of you could be together and meet the baby.... he looks perfect! thanks for sharing his pic...



  • Sam, such wonderful news and picture.  I am over the moon for you!


  • So wonderful!  Great sono picture - and I'm soooooo glad that he is measuring right on target.

    Hooray Jaxson! :)



  • That is so nice that your Grams and mom were able to be there and see their little grandson. What a cute picture of him. So glad he is measuring on target. HUGS


  • I am so thrilled for you that your grams and mom got to be there for this scan.  I'm thrilled that your sweet boy is measuring right on track and I'm even more thrilled that he has Trinity's nose.  

    I know that it tugs at your heart but I also know that it warms your heart even more.

    Much love comes your way,