Samarella's Journal

Happy 12th Birthday Sweet Girl

  • Sam, my heart and thoughts are with you. We will never forget our angels, no matter how many years. I see parents with boys who would be the same age my sons would have been ... and the thoughts swirl. Love you, my friend.


  • Sending love, hugs and prayers for your heart as you remember your sweet Trinity. I can't imagine how incredibly difficult these days are for you. Grief is not linear and it has no defined rules... be kind to yourself and know that Trinity is so proud of you and all you've done in her name.

    Big hugs and much love,


  • I'm sending overdue love and hugs to you! I hear Trinity or see the name and I always think of you and your baby girl. I see families with three kids in tow. I think of my family with three kids that no one will ever see together. I know it hurts and it's unfair that she isn't here with you. You've been SO incredibly strong all of these years. Somehow our angels give us the strength to keep going. Your boys have this same strength and are getting the greatest lesson in love from their awesome mama:)

    Sending BIG hugs,