Samarella's Journal

Happy Heavenly Birthday Baby Girl

  • What a special and beautiful day... so fitting for such a special and beautiful lil' girl.  Happy Birthday sweet Trinity!  You are loved and missed.


  • I am so glad that you, Derek and the boys were able to send Trinity so much love on her special day. Parenting an angle is not an easy thing to do but you do it with perfection and grace. No doubt in my mind your make your baby girl very proud. Sending you lots of hugs today especially with your big boy starting fourth grade.


  • Happy Birthday Trinity!  I am so glad to know that you all shared a nice celebration in her honor.  I think that lingering butterfly was definitely her way of saying that she's right there with you all Sam, with you.



  • Happy birthday Trinity!  Samantha, I'm so glad you had a special day to celebrate Trinity's birthday!  I got chills reading about that butterfly. I am sure that was a sign sent straight to you from your sweet angel.  Thinking of you!


  • Sounds like your girl was definitely with you throughout the day showing you all the beauty around you and letting you know she was there.  Happy belated birthday sweet Trinity!!


  • What a beautiful day for Trinity. I am glad that you were able to honor her in your way. Happy Birthday Trinity.


  • Happy heavenly birthday to your beloved Trinity :)  Sounds like you all had such a lovely day.  I'm so glad to hear that you were able to really take in the beauty of what you were surrounded by - love.  No doubt that Trinity was with you all.

    Lots of love!