Samarella's Journal


  • Oh Samantha, I'm so sorry.  I love the pictures that you are posting of him.  It's so clear to see that he is one of those people that can light up a room and have a positive effect on those near him.  That shines through each picture you've posted.

    My thoughts are with you,


  • Sam,

    I hardly know what to say. It doesn't seem like you could ever be prepared to let go of someone who gives so much and who you love so deeply. I do know that you will get through this difficult time. You are stronger than you should have to be and we are all standing with you.



  • I'm so sorry to hear that things are not continuing to improve.  I know that there is nothing that "prepares" you for such a thought, much less an actual happening.  Please know that I'm praying for your family and especially the drs and nurses that are putting their minds to work to find ways to help your FIL.  


  • Sending much love and many hugs your way!  I will be keeping your whole family close in my thoughts and prayers.