Samarella's Journal

I don't always understand

  • Hugs to you friend.  That is what I choose to do as well use my story to help others and make change. It's all we can do with the cards that were dealt to us.  Nicki

  • I really wish I would have come back to Share sooner and been more involved 9 years ago. Being a part of this community is teaching me so much, about myself and others. I can only hope that others can be helped in a small way when they read my story.

    Love and Hugs


  • Thank you, Sam, for everything that you do, here and at home and for everyone who knows and loves you.  You have such a huge heart and your empathy is so strong.  I want you to know how much you are appreciated and loved.

    We all must live our own stories but having someone, anyone, out there who can stop for a minute and grieve with us, or cheer with us or just sit quietly with us while we figure it all out...that's priceless.

    Thank you for being that someone to so many of us,