Samarella's Journal

I want...

  • Big hugs momma.  You deserve only roads that are easy.

    For what it's worth, I highly recommend the book Taking Control of your Fertility- it's amazing- you'll know more about what your ovaries are doing than you ever wanted!



  • Not sure if you've done it yet, but probably time to see a dr.  I know there are some issues with that but there may be other things going on that are a bigger impact than you realize.  

    I'll keep crossing my fingers that your AF comes soon and you can keep moving forward.  



  • Hugs to you!!  


  • I'm sorry for all of the bumpy roads.  I wish things could be easier.  I so wanted and still wish for the same thing:)

    I had some very strange and super irregular months myself last year.  I was stressed and I've been told that could be a factor.  My OB told me that if things didn't get "normal," she'd want to run more tests, etc.  

    Hoping things are better soon in that department.

    Thinking of you,


  • I hear what you're saying!!!  why can't something be easy for us, right.  

    I would also find a doctor that you trust and will listen to what you have to say; it might take awhile to find one, but keep looking!

    I hope AF arrives soon!


  • so deserve a bump-free road!!!  I wish that for so many on this site and in this world!  I wish that me wishing would make it so.  Since it doesn't work that way, I will send good vibes and hugs your way and keep you in my thoughts!  Keep us posted!!!



  • Hugs to you! I hope you will be able to get some answers and peace soon. I've been thinking of you often. Take care


  • Millions and millions of hugs to you!