Samarella's Journal

Im making it!

  • It's a long, bumpy road, but there is a time when I think we all figure out how to do this.  It doesn't mean that we are "over it", but we know what to do when those times comes up that we feel like we miss her just too much.  

    Enjoy these precious moments with those sweet boys and know that their big sister is celebrating with them in heaven.



  • I look forward to being where you are some day, and it's encouraging to know that there is such a place. Thanks, Samantha.


  • I am so glad that you have found this sense of peace and I know that Trinity is too. I truly believe that our Angels want us to find peace somewhere somehow. You do have beautiful boys and they do have a beautiful guardian Angel watching over all of you. Yes this journey is forever long and incredibly hard but your voice is making a huge impact and I would imagine its for more than just one tiny baby.

    Love ya and big hugs,