Samarella's Journal

is it really almost August?

  • Sweet pictures. I hope that the bitter and the sweet in August can balance each other out. Thinking of you as Trinity's six year angelversary approaches.


  • Hopefully he'll enjoy the diaper changes too and can help with that!!!  LOL!!  

    Hugs for you as August many memories!  Yay for Jaxson doing well and looking forward to updates!


  • Huggs, Angelversaries months  are hard.... Oh Jadon looks so interested in  baby things, I am sure he is going to be a great big brother. Yes I have been also wondering were this year days had gone....Oh enjoy your baby shower, I never had one, so I think they must be super nice (sometimes I feel like I missed my Prom party)...keep us posted with the 23th news...


  • Sam-Hugs to you as you face these dates. I am happy to hear that Jadon is able to stay at the school this year! He is going to be such a great big brother!


  • I love that Jadon got to meet your friend's baby and got a taste of what it will be like when his baby brother is born.  So much fun!

    I hope August flies by for you with no added anxiety.

    Much love always,


  • Sam, those pictures are just precious!  Wow, Jadon's going to be in 3rd grade already!  I hope the new school is a good one.  Our kids don't go to the school they're zoned for either (variance all the way).  Sounds like all is going well and I hope that you are able to enjoy your shower.  If you open a card and it seems like it's going to make you cry, pretend your skimming it, and move on.  It's supposed to be a happy day for you.  Have fun playing those shower games:)


  • Yay for Jadon getting to stay at the new school. He's going to rock third grade, and big brotherhood.  

    Sweet pictures.  Sending lots of hugs knowing this month holds lots of memories and is difficult.

    Love and hugs,