Samarella's Journal

Isolating moments

  • =( I wish I could come give and give you a big hug.  So instead I have to send a virtual one.  I"m sorry that he is sick again and hope that he starts feeling better soon.    When we have to watch our kids be sick on top of lack of sleep on top of being stuck at home....It can take a major toll on our emotions.  Know that even though we can't be there in person we are here for you online.  Many hugs. Nicki

  • I am so sorry you're going through this.  I'm so sorry that Jadon is going through it too.  Like Nicki, I wish I lived close enough to you to come over, bring you food, give you a hug and remind you that this is not your fault.

    I know that my saying that doesn't take away the guilt you're feeling but sometimes just hearing it can take away some of the sharpness of that guilt.

    This is NOT your fault.  You did not fail your children.  You are doing the absolute best you can during a really tough time.

    I hope he feels better soon and that you do to.

    So many people love you, you know.


  • Hugs Samantha, hope Jadon is feeling better by now, and you are not feeling so sad or down, and you got some rest and good sleep.


  • Sending a big virtual hug your way, Samantha.  It's so hard to see your kids sick, and it certainly can be a very helpless feeling.  Not to mention it puts our guard up more and it makes us more physically and emotionally worn and tired.  Because of all of that, it's understandable that you're feeling the way you are - but as Tommie said - try not to let that guilt get the best of you.  Try as best you can to be gentle on yourself.

    I hope that you get some rest and that Jadon gets better very very soon!

  • So sorry Jadon is so sick. It can be so hard when you are doing all that you can and still see him struggle and have to wait for the virus to work itself out of his system. Thinking of you!

  • Sam, I'm sorry that Jadon has been so sick. I hope that he's feeling a bit better and that your household is getting a reprieve from sickness. You must be so exhausted. I know when I am beyond tired and feeling so overwhelmed by it all, all kinds of feelings creep in and it becomes too much. I hope that you have the super woman spirit once again and that it's going better over there.

    Sending hugs,