Samarella's Journal

jaxson crazy arrival!!!

  • Oh, Sam! What a scary experience for you -- but thankfully one with a happy ending for little Jaxson.

    I wish doctors took us more seriously. Just because they  have an MD after their names does not make them the expert. We know our bodies best -- and you knew something wasn't right. I'm so happy that you have such a supportive MIL who was fighting right alongside of you.

    Jaxson sounds like an incredibly strong baby -- just like his mama! Hugs and love to you both.


    P.S. I can't imagine what it felt like to undergo a C-section under general anesthesia ... it hurt like hell after an epidural (kaelin) and a spinal (Kelsey). Hope the physical pain has subsided for you.

  • You go momma bear!  He's beautiful!!


  • Sam,

    I'm so happy you listened to your instinct.  It's really sad that you had to fight so hard to get the nurses and drs to take you seriously, but thank goodness you did!

    He really is beautiful!



  • Wow - what a miracle Jaxson is!  Sounds like it was very scary - but I'm so glad that you followed your instinct and that they got to him in time.

    He's so beautiful, and I'm so glad to hear that he is doing so well!!!



  • I'm glad your MIL made you go and that you listened to yourself instead of that weird doctor. So thankful that you got to be the miracle this time around!


  • Sam how scary. I am glad that you listened to yourself and MIL and went in. I am sorry that you missed out on hearing Jaxson scream for the first time. Huge hugs to you. He is such a cutie!


  • Holy Moly!!!! yeah!  I'm so glad that the ending is that precious little face with those big eyes open today!!!  

    Hugs to you!


  • I'm so glad that you followed your mommy instincts and got to the hospital.  Oh Sam, I'm so happy for you all!  Jaxson is adorable!!!  Sounds like there's some excellent nurses watching over your little one.  The pics are so good:)  You look like you're in love all over again.

    Sending you all big hugs,


  • OMG I am so glad I read this after I knew the outcome 'cause I couldn't have stood reading this wondering what would happen.  I'm so thankful that your MIL encouraged you and that you went to the hospital.  I'm so thankful!   He's just perfect!!