Samarella's Journal

Jaxson T-Ball

  • Aw!  What a cutie!  Such a big boy!  Hope he's having lots of fun!

  • Sam,

    He is so adorable!!! Congratulations all star! I hope he loves it and you all enjoy every minute of it!

    Love and Hugs


  • Sam, he's so cute! Lovin' his little oufit. Yup, I see he's following through on the throw:) Ah, the scouts will be watching him for sure. I hope he has so much fun out there on the ball field. Really, that's what it's all about. Enjoy:)


  • Jaxson looks like a strong boy! I love to hear about all the littles who are growing and experiencing new and fun things. I hope that he continues to grow and make your family proud.


  • My does the time ever fly!  I have no doubt your FIL is smiling watching him play and that Jaxon will always know how much his FIL loved him and baseball.

    He looks so much like you too!!  Same smile. :)