Samarella's Journal

Kindergarden Orientation!

  • I'm so sorry!  That sounds horrible.   Poor Jadon.  Is it possible for you to schedule a one on one with some before the start of school?  Geez, it sounds like you and Jadon were traumatized!  I know I would have been.

    Take care,


  • I filled out a variance forms to have him moved to what I think is a better school!  Hopefully we get accepted!  Im just not going to put my child through that  again!

  • I agree that a little more organization for the parents might have been nice.  Our kindergarten orientation is only checking hearing, vision, and speech and filling out necessary paperwork.  The students meet the teachers and see the classroom before school starts in the fall at Open House.  I hope things feel more comfortable for you soon.


  • Oh man... that just plain stinks. I am so sorry you had such a horrible first experience/ impression of kindergarten. As if it isn't painful enough for the kids to be in a strange environment and the moms to come to terms with the fact that their baby is growing up.... it's like adding salt into the wound. I am so sorry. I do hope you get accepted to the better school. Keep us posted.

    Love, Kelly

  • Poor little man, I can only imagine how scared he was. Not a good way to introduce him to his teachers. I hope that the first day of school goes much smoother.