Samarella's Journal

Listen to your heart

  • Sam-

    Yes!  You are so right.  Mother's intuition is there for a reason.  Whether our babies are in our bellies or here walking around, we need to follow our intuitions!



  • Excellent advice! I think every story is worth re-telling, especially a good one that ends with such an amazing life saving ending. I work in the medical field, well now I "work" to save babies but all doctors are human, some more so than others :) and that is what a lot of non-medical people don't often understand. A doctor is only as good as their information. Some of them research and spend countless hours learning about new procedures, treatments, and new diseases. Some don't. Some doctors will take the information they are provided from a patient and do a little research and some won't. I have met older dr's who were amazing and young dr's who yes they were great but they were so arrogant in my opinion they were dangerous. Dr's are human beings and subject to human error, its how they handle that human error that speaks volumes to me.

    Telling and re-telling your story has saved a life Sam! That's a wonderful thing. I hope your Dr. learned as much from it as you did.

  • Sam,

       It's crazy how far you'll get if you listen to your heart!  I'm glad that you were able to give that bit of advice and another little rainbow is all the safer for it!