Samarella's Journal

Living A Dream

  • O and you are totally thinking a like :(

    wish we both werent. I'm 18 weeks now and still waiting for the ball to drop. Wish I could just relax and enjoy. I feel like whenever I start rubbing my belly and getting excited I seem to stop myself like I dont want to get to close. Some days I even try and forget....figured the weeks would go faster that way. So sad....I am praying for the 25 week mark...for some reason i feel like then I'll start to enjoy, cautiously still of course.



  • Sam!  Great to read this post!  I have full faith your pregnancy is going to be ok.  You are nearly out of your first trimester(I know this doesn't mean much to us mommies) but, I really do think only positive things when it comes to you and your pregnancy.  It's ok to have the guard up.  Just don't let it ruin your pregnancy.

    Love and Light,


  • Awww it's so exciting when you start to feel those lil' flutters!  I hope as the weeks pass they'll become stronger and stronger and your fear smaller and smaller.

    Hugs momma,


  • I was so excited/relieved to feel Lucia moving in me, because I only felt Marco move a few I know how you feel!

    Congratulations on 13 weeks!!



  • Hugs to you girl!!!  Stay positive!!