Samarella's Journal

Living Proud

  • Yes, yes! I would never change that I was pregnant with Jay and Morgan either. They have taught me so much and many others too.

    I love the sayings that are on the boxes, how appropriate to put all of sweet Trinity's belongings in them.

    I love Share too. I have found it to be such a source of comfort; to know that I'm not alone has helped.

    :) Kami

  • I wouldn't change it for anything either!  I had 20 weeks and 3 days of pure happiness with my girls, and I don't want two days to ruin all the happiness that I felt.  Love the boxes, I bet they're just a perfect addition to your living room!  Thank for everything you've given me as well!


  • Sam,

    What a beautiful post and beautiful realizations. I haven't quite reached the point yet -- three years later -- where I can say that I have three kids, and not just one. I'm still not ready to share that with strangers, so I admire you.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you at SU. BTW -- did you get my little writeup for your project that I emailed to you?