Samarella's Journal

long day [2]

  • Samantha, oh my gosh, I don't know what else to say, but that I am thinking of you and will continue to keep your FIL in my thoughts.  I am wishing you strength to get through these tough days ahead and I'm so glad that you've got Stacy to help you with all of the medical jargon.  

    The pictures of your FIL doing something he so enjoys are priceless.


  • What a sweet memory for all of you....Mr. Daryll doing what he loved most!  I know that whatever happens that those children will remember those men leading them in the "ways of baseball" like the big boys!

    I'm sorry that your FIL is having to go through these struggles and that the family may have to make these decisions in the future.  Know that my prayers are with you.