Samarella's Journal

long morning

  • That little stinker is truly keeping you on your toes!!  I'm glad that he's fine now and hopefully each day his little memory for the important thing like breathing will get stronger too!  

    Hugs to you!


  • Given all his lil' antics inside I'm not surprised to see him give you a lil' "Hi Mom! Wake up!" this morning... and I'm soooo thankful to hear that he has done well since.  I'm hopeful that will be his last episode and that he will be full steam ahead towards home!  Good luck with the pumping... you're awesome momma!


  • I hope he doesn't scare you again. Don't look at it as your body failing - look at it as supermom to the rescue. Seriously, give yourself the credit you deserve for saving him! I hope that he shapes up and is home in no time.


  • I'm with Shannon on this one.  You didn't fail him, you are the woman who went through hell to bring him into this world.

    I hope he continues to do well and doesn't give you any more trouble until he's at least 15 years old.

    Thinking of you.